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Last updated on April 27th, 2023 at 09:07 pm

If you are a resident of Uttar Pradesh then now you need to be careful. This caution is regarding family planning. The Uttar Pradesh government has decided to make strict laws to work the burden of the ever-increasing population. In this law, the rule of two children will be strictly followed. Now it remains to be seen whether this law will be applicable to the new couple or those who already have more than two children, then let’s see how the new population control law of Uttar Pradesh will be



Preparations are being started to bring population control law in UP. The Yogi government has started making a draft on this. Government facilities for those with more than two children can be abolished. Recently, the Himanta Biswa government in Assam has implemented this law.

Seeing this as a big political advantage for the assembly elections to be held in UP next year. In such a situation, this law is being considered as a big decision for the Yogi government.

Preparations are being started to control the population in UP. The road can be difficult for a family with more than two children in the state. The State Law Commission has started drafting a law for population control in the state. The State Law Commission is studying the social conditions along with the laws applicable in some other states including Madhya Pradesh, Rajasthan.

In the coming times, families with more than two children may be deprived of some government facilities. Recently this law has been implemented in Assam. It is believed that on the basis of the same, UP can also bring a population control law soon.

Himanta Biswa’s government has just been formed in Assam but there are elections in UP 2022. So now it remains to be seen whether CM Yogi Adityanath will take this law or will it prove to be just a political maneuver, although it is too early to say anything on this. The coming of the Population Control Act will prove to be good news for those who think like ‘Hum Do Hamare Do’ in UP.

According to the reports of the media channel, the State Law Commission is considering some points to control the population. After preparing the draft, the commission will send its report to the state government. It is expected that government schemes for families with more than two children can be cut. In addition, some facilities may also be denied.

In the last four years, the state government has implemented many such new laws including the UP Public and Private Property Damage Recovery Act and the Uttar Pradesh Conversion Prohibition Act, apart from this, preparations are being made to make changes in many important laws. In the brainstorming of the State Law Commission, various aspects of reduction in ration and other subsidies have started to be considered.

In UP, under this law, the scope of parents will be brought and what will be its time limit, it is being considered. Also, the facilities available in government jobs will be considered. Commission chairman Justice AN Mittal says that the study of the laws applicable in Assam, Rajasthan and Madhya Pradesh has been started regarding population control. Keeping in view other aspects including unemployment and hunger, the report will be prepared on the basis of consideration of various points.

Uttar Pradesh is the state which decides the political condition and direction of the country, the incident that happened in UP would have affected the whole country. In the middle of this, keeping in mind the Legislative Assembly elections to be held in Uttar Pradesh next year, political activities have intensified regarding the population control law in Uttar Pradesh, the question arises whether this is the role of population control law in the country.

The UP Law Commission will prepare the blueprint of the 2 child policy in two months. If you have more than two children, then you will not get the benefit of government schemes. The attention of the UP Law Commission is on the problems being faced by the increasing population, recently there were problems like lack of oxygen, non-availability of beds in hospitals.

The big hand behind unemployment and poverty is the large population. Considering this, on the instructions of the Yogi government, the Law Commission is preparing a 2 child policy, in which many schemes and facilities can be denied if there are more than 2 children.

After Assam, UP is also preparing a similar policy… For this, the policies of other states are also being studied. A few things are coming out about this law.

Will this be the law of UP?

A provision is also being made in this law that

*If you have more than two children, you will not get a government job.
*-Ban on contesting panchayat elections
*-No benefit of government schemes,
*- Deprived of schemes like loan waiver,
*-Free accommodation will not be available.
*-No free enrollment in school, college,
*-subsidies will have to be lost

The BJP welcomed the law and raised questions on producing more children. Two child policy is applicable in many Congress and non-BJP ruled states, but Congress is seeing political hatred in Yogi’s plan. However, the Uttar Pradesh Law Commission has started drawing the blueprint of the law for population control, for this the opinion of all the people will also be taken.

The aspects of profit and loss will be considered, even after this, many people are looking at it with a political eye, not seeing the country and the country’s interest. Population control law is the need of the hour, but the way schemes are brought in our country only for political gains, that is the real and political character of our politicians.

We have to see whether this scheme is only aimed at provoking a particular class or creating a communal atmosphere in the state, only through political malice. It is too early to say anything clear now but we must know the difference between politics and reality.

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