How to Get a Free Scholarship To Study In the UK

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How to Get a Free Scholarship To Study In the UK

Free Scholarship To Study In the UK

A lot of students hold a special dream of studying in a country like the UK. However, for most learners, turning this dream into reality proves to be challenging. The costs of tuition and living are exorbitant, making it unattainable for many. Furthermore, a considerable number of students lack information on securing scholarships that would allow them to study in the UK for free.

Consequently, a significant number of students end up discontinuing their studies, resulting in universities losing out on a pool of highly talented individuals. Nevertheless, it’s worth noting that both the UK government and universities have been providing free scholarships for many years. In the following discussion, we will shed light on the various forms of assistance they offer.

Sources of Free Scholarships for Studying in the UK

There are several entities that offer free scholarships to students aiming to study in the UK. These encompass government bodies, educational institutions, and various organizations. They provide an array of bursaries and assistance to international students. Let’s delve into the scholarship programs outlined below:

Financial Assistance from the Government

The UK government administers numerous scholarship programs tailored for international students, facilitating their pursuit of higher education. To gain comprehensive insights into all government-sponsored scholarship opportunities, you can explore the UKCISA website. These scholarships are categorized according to the specific programs that students intend to undertake in the UK. Below, we’ve highlighted some of the most sought-after free scholarship options available for studying in the UK.

Chevening Scholarships: Cultivating Future Leaders

The Chevening scholarship program stands as a pivotal financial support initiative for prospective international students, with its core objective being the nurturing of future national leaders. On an annual basis, the UK government extends approximately 1500 Chevening scholarships, which predominantly target master’s programs. This esteemed scholarship covers the entirety of tuition fees for a two-year master’s course.

Eligibility for this program hinges on two primary requisites: exceptional academic achievements and a minimum of two years of professional work experience. The selection of recipients falls under the purview of British Embassies worldwide. It’s important to emphasize that the selection process is blind to factors such as race, age (with no upper limit), religion, culture, and other such attributes.

Comprehensive information regarding eligibility criteria can be found on the official Chevening Scholarships page. The application process is conducted online, and interested candidates are encouraged to visit the official website for further details and to initiate their application.

Euraxess UK Scholarship: Facilitating Research Excellence

The Euraxess scholarship program, overseen by the British Council and backed by the British government, is a valuable avenue of support primarily designed for researchers aspiring to engage with the UK’s academic landscape.

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Euraxess extends its scholarship offerings to encompass various sectors, including business, industrial strategy, and energy departments. This program is structured to provide financial support across different stages of a researcher’s journey:

  • Postgraduate Level (Early Stage Researcher)
  • Postdoctoral Level (Early Career Researcher)
  • Post-Doctorate (Experienced Researcher with over six years of experience)

To delve into the specifics and explore this opportunity further, I recommend visiting the Euraxess UK website. This platform not only serves as a gateway to scholarship details but also offers a portal through which individuals can identify job opportunities within the UK. Additionally, the program accommodates researchers who seek to transition both into and out of the UK, amplifying its versatility and reach.

Commonwealth Scholarships: Empowering Students from Commonwealth Nations

The Commonwealth scholarship program extends its support to students hailing from Commonwealth countries who face financial barriers in pursuing education abroad. This scholarship serves as a beacon of opportunity for those who lack the means to cover overseas study expenses. The Commonwealth scholarship program in the UK encompasses a diverse range of fellowships, including:

  • PhD Scholarships
  • Master’s Scholarships
  • Distance Learning Scholarships

Students from Commonwealth countries are eligible to apply for these scholarships, which encompass full tuition fees. Moreover, applicants are required to demonstrate commendable academic records and exhibit the potential to contribute to the advancement of their home countries in the future.

Furthermore, numerous universities across the UK are partners in the Commonwealth scholarship program. For selected scholars, these universities extend the support of covering 20% of the tuition costs. Notable among these partner institutions are:

  • Cardiff University
  • Birkbeck University
  • King’s College London
  • Newcastle University
  • Leeds University
  • Oxford University
  • Liverpool University

Apart from the mentioned universities, an extensive network of around a hundred other universities collaborates under the Commonwealth program. Attaining this scholarship is notably feasible for students from Commonwealth nations. For a comprehensive understanding of the program and application process, I recommend referring to the official website.

Royal Society Grants: Promoting Scientific Excellence

The Royal Society, revered as the oldest scientific organization, is dedicated to advancing the contributions of eminent scientists. It extends sponsorship to researchers possessing exceptional talent in the field, providing a platform for them to flourish. The society’s offerings encompass an extensive array of benefits, including training, immersive opportunities, and collaborative ventures. The Royal Society operates with three overarching objectives:

Advancing the Value of Science: It actively promotes the manifold advantages of scientific pursuits.

Affirming Science’s Impact on Human Life: Society underscores the profound significance of science in shaping human existence.

Global Support: It lends its support to individuals on the international stage, fostering their growth and impact.

The grants provided, eligibility criteria, application procedures, employment opportunities, and other crucial information are comprehensively outlined on the Royal Society’s official website. Aspiring candidates from all corners of the world are welcome to apply for these grants. Direct communication is facilitated through email and other contact details, all of which are conveniently accessible online.

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Financial Support from Universities: Empowering Education

Virtually every university and college in the UK extends scholarships and bursaries to students, fostering a culture of support and opportunity. These institutions offer scholarships across a multitude of categories, each with specific eligibility criteria. Many bursary programs emphasize not only outstanding academic achievement but also active involvement in co-curricular activities. Financial assistance is also attainable for students with moderate academic records, provided they showcase substantial potential and engagement.

Although exceptional academic performance heightens the likelihood of securing a scholarship, financial aid is also influenced by subject areas. Notable universities offering scholarships include:

  • Cambridge University
  • Oxford University
  • Imperial College
  • King’s College
  • Edinburgh University
  • Kent Business School

Navigating to the official website of any university or college will lead you to the finance or scholarship section, where you can access details about application requirements. It’s crucial to ensure that your desired subject is covered by the scholarship before proceeding. If your subject is eligible, fulfilling the specified criteria and applying accordingly is essential.

While some universities offer full scholarships, many provide partial coverage (around 50%). Scholarship provisions may encompass tuition fees exclusively, excluding expenses like accommodation, food, transportation, and others. Scholarship duration typically aligns with the duration of the respective program. Some bursary schemes, however, encompass additional expenses.

It’s important to note that candidates must reapply for new bursaries to continue their financial support. Universities retain the prerogative to withdraw financial assistance, underscoring the necessity of maintaining a minimum academic performance threshold to sustain ongoing support.


In the pursuit of nurturing global talent, developed nations open their doors to exceptional students worldwide, offering them opportunities for top-tier education. Attaining financial support can propel you closer to realizing your dreams. It’s crucial not to hesitate. Take the initiative to explore the resources outlined above and secure a free scholarship for studying in the UK. Additionally, it’s worth noting that other organizations may also contribute to funding international students’ education.

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