Ancient India: 50 Very Important Questions and Answers

Ancient India: 50 Very Important Questions and Answers

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Last updated on April 26th, 2023 at 04:59 pm

Ancient India: 50 Very Important Questions and Answers

Ancient India: 50 Very Important Questions and Answers

1- Who first discovered the stone age in India?
Answer – The Indian Paleolithic was first discovered by Robert Bruce Foote in 1863 when lithography of the Pre-Stone Age was obtained from a place called Pallavaram near Chennai (Madras).
 2- Where is the Belan River valley?
Answer- Belan is a tributary of Tons that flows in the central plateau region of Mirzapur district of Uttar Pradesh.
3-From which period human skeletons are first found in India?
Answer- From the Mesolithic
4- Who discovered the caves of Hoshangabad and Bhimbetka?
Answer – Wakankar 1958 AD.
5-From which site have the remains of pit houses been found?
Answer – Burzahom. From here such a method of cremation came to light in which the pet dog was buried along with the man.
6-Where is the oldest evidence of paddy (rice) cultivation?
Answer- From the Neolithic site Koldihwa.
7-From which Harappan site, lipstick evidence has been found?
Answer – Chanhundaro
8-Where did the first people start cotton cultivation?
Answer– The people of the Harappan civilization first started growing cotton.
9- Which animal is not marked on Harappan seals?
Answer: Camel and Horse.
10- Which word is used for iron in Rigveda?
Answer- ‘Ayes’
11- Which place has been described by Max Müller as the country of Aryans?  
Answer – Central-Asia
12- Which word is used for Indra in Rigveda?
 Answer– ‘Dasyuhan’, and ‘Purandar’.
13- In which hymn of Rigveda the word Shudra is mentioned?  

Ans-In the Purushasukta of the tenth mandala.

14- In which mandala of Rigveda Soma Devta is described?  

Answer– Rigveda in the ninth mandala.

15- Which word has been used for a barber in Rigveda?

 Answer– ‘Wapta’

16-Which was the favorite animal of the Aryans?
Answer: Horse.

17- With which animal the Aryans were not familiar?
Answer: Elephant.

18- What was the cow called in the Vedic period?
Answer – ‘Ashtakarni’

19- Medium of exchange of Vedic period?
Answer- ‘Nishk’.

 20- Some names of Vedic carpet artisans.
Answer – Taksha (Carpenter), Vai (Weaver),

 21- What are the people of Magadha called in Atharvaveda?
Answer – ‘Vratya’

 22- In which Veda the Sabha and the committee are called two daughters of Prajapati?
Answer- In Atharvaveda.

 23- Which foreign castes are mentioned in Ramayana?
Answer: Yavana, Kirat, Pahlava, Huna, etc.

24- Who was the royal doctor of Bimbisara?
Answer: Jeevka.

25- A famous name of Ajatashatru
Answer – Kunik

26- When was the first Buddhist council organized?
Answer – 483 BC at the time of Ajatashatru in the Saptaparni cave of Rajagriha.

27- Who founded Pataliputra?
Answer: By Udayin.

28- When and in whose period was the second Buddhist council organized?
Answer- The second Buddhist council was held in Vaishali at the time of Kalashoka.

 29- Ashoka Two inscriptions of Ashoka in which Kharoshthi script has been used.
Answer – Mansehra and Shahbazgarhi.

30- When did Alexander invade India?
Answer – 326 BC.

31- Between which two rivers was the kingdom of Puru situated?
Answer – Between Jhelum and Chenao rivers.

32- The name of Alexander’s favorite horse?
Answer – Boukefla.

33- When and where did Alexander die?
Answer – 323 BC in Babylon

34- In ancient times, the rites to be done at the time of the beginning of education?
Answer – Upanayana ceremony.

35- In ancient times, the rites performed at the time of the birth of a child?
Answer- Jatkarma.

36- The oldest inscriptional evidence of the practice of Sati?
Answer- Eran inscription of 510 AD.

37- Dear disciple of Mahatma Buddha?
Answer: Anand and Upali.

 38- Well known architect of Magadha?
Answer: Mahagovind.

39- The word used for Chandragupta Maurya in Greek texts?
Answer – Sandrocottus and Androcottus.

40- In which text the words ‘Vrishal and Kulhin’ have been used for Chandragupta?
Answer – Mudrarakshasa.

41- The creator of Mudrarakshasa?
Answer– Visakhadatta.

42- Who has called the army of Chandragupta Maurya ‘a gang of bandits’?
Answer: Justin.

43- Greek ambassador to the court of Chandragupta Maurya.
Answer: Magasthenes.

44- Chandragupta Maurya was a follower of which religion?
Answer: Jainism

45- Who built the lake named Sudarshan?
Answer- Vaishya Pushyagupta, the governor of Saurashtra.

46- Which Greek satrap was defeated by Chandragupta Maurya?
Answer – 305 BC to Seleucus.

47 – Name used in Greek texts for Bindusara.
Answer- Amitrokadys (Amitraghat in Sanskrit)

48- Ambassador coming to the court of Bindusara.
Answer – Dimachus (sent by King Antiochus of Syria), Dionysius (sent by King Philadelphus of Egypt)

49- Where was Ashoka the governor at the time of his father Bindusara?
Answer: Avanti (Ujjaini).

 50-Who initiated Ashoka into Buddhism?
Answer – BY seven-year-old boy Nigrowth

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